In late spring 1982, the new Atlas Van Lines was brought to the Stan Sayers pits in Seattle. The crew had hoped to test the boat for the first time on Lake Washington, but many system installations were not completed in time. So the boat came for display only.
In the fall of 1982, Jim Lucero and the crew wanted to learn more about how air flowed around the Atlas hull. A camera was mounted high on the right sponson looking back at the boat covered in wind tunnel style yarn "tuffs."
This famous photos of the '82 Atlas was taken by Bill Osborne from a helicopter over Tacoma, Washington's Commencement  Bay during a exhibition run on a salt-water race site being considered at the time.
Jim Harvey and the Atlas crew lower the boat into Lake Washington for the "air flow" test.
The Atlas is lowered into the Ohio River at Evansville in 1982. Hanauer and the boat were the eventual winners.
Chip Hanauer carves the '82 Atlas around a turn in Seattle.
The 1982 Atlas Van Lines truck and trailer arrive at the pits in Seattle.
The 1982 Atlas Van Lines crew pose behind the boat in Houston Texas. From left to right; Gary Steele, Tim Ramsey, Glen O. Davis, Jim Harvey, Chip Hanauer, Edward Muncey, Jim Lucero and Gary Redman.
Driver Hanauer gives a wave as he heads out onto Lake Washington for the aerodynamics test in the fall of 1982.
The Atlas in the pits in Tri-Cities with it's new "1982 Gold Cup Winner" gold-leaf lettering painted on the front of the cowl.
The '82 Atlas is slowly rotated from it's birth on the trailer to head out onto Lake Washington.
Owner Fran Muncey with Chip Hanauer and Atlas Van Lines Chairman O.H. Frisbie.

Chip Hanauer and a crewman guide the Atlas back to the dock after a run. Note the camera mounted on the right sponson for documenting the airflow over the boat.
In a bold effort to improve driver safety, the front cowl of the Atlas was removed in the winter of 1982. Jim Lucero (pictured) installed a new "safety cockpit" for the '83 season which lowered driver Hanauer fourteen inches and surrounded him with a super strong honeycomb structure. Chip was also strapped into his seat with a car racing style five-point harness system.
Jim Harvey installing the throttle petal in the Atlas cockpit during the intense "100 day" construction in early 1982.
Construction of the new Atlas Van Lines for the 1982 unlimited racing season.
The brand new Atlas arrives for its first race in Miami.
This photo was very informative for the 2002 restoration of the '82 Atlas. Sponson running surfaces and recovery areas of the left sponson as well as parts of the bottom can be seen.
This late season view of the left side of the Atlas shows the small spray rail that was recently added to the sponson.
Another shot of the Atlas during the air flow filming session. Note the several air dams attached to the canard and leading edge of the hull.
Crew Chief Jim Harvey gives last minute instructions to Chip Hanauer.
A 1982-83 Atlas Van Lines promotional poster.
O.H. Frisbie, Jim Harvey and Chip Hanauer celebrate winning the 1982 Thunder on the Ohio in Evansville, Indiana.
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