The Atlas prepared for the "air flow" test on Lake Washington fall 1982. Note the U-1 painted on the wing which replaced the U-00 following the Championship season. The boat only ran this one time with the U-1 before the front fiberglass cowl was replaced with the "Indy car" style safety cockpit for 1983.
Atlas on tilt in Seattle shows rudder and skid fin configuration.
1982 photo shows canard bottom.
Another view on '82 Atlas heading for "air flow " test. Lessons learned from the test led the crew to make several changes to the boat including the canard and cowl.
Moving into the pits in Seattle summer 1982.
Rear view shot taken in Tri-Cities of left non-trip and skid fin.
Atlas in late spring 1982 on display at Stan Sayers pits before heading to Miami for the first race of the season.
This was also an important shot for the 2002 restoration showing the  bottom and belly pan.
Atlas being prepared for racing in Seattle.
The brand new U-00 on display in Seattle shortly before the 1982 race season.
Here's another Bill Osborne aerial shot of the '82 Atlas running on Tacoma's Commencement Bay. This photo was used in several promotional pieces.

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